Emergency Response 24/7

Metro Roller Door Service has a well established emergency response department that reacts to impacted/damaged industrial roller shutters.

This is a 24/7 service with an onsite time in the Melbourne Metro area of a maximum of two hours. This service will close down your roller shutter for security or open the shutter in a safe state so your business can operate as normal. A quote for a permanent fix will be sent to you on the next business day and we will await your approval before commencement of any further works. 

Our response department will attend problems with domestic roller doors including power conversions during business hours. We also service these roller doors, this keeps your garage door running smoothly and prolongs its useful life.

Metro Roller Door Service has the capacity to repair roller shutters that may look like they have been destroyed.  Our servicemen are proficient in the rapid repair of heavily damaged roller shutters.

If the damage is caused overnight on a 24 hour site, Metro will either close the opening down for security or make the shutter safe in the open position so that your business is not affected. The repairs will be quoted and not undertaken until we have confirmation from site management.
Many impact damaged roller shutters can, in fact, be repaired. Metro Roller Door Service can also undertake mechanical and electrical problems with both industrial roller shutters and domestic roller doors, panel lift doors and sectional overhead doors.

Metro Roller Door Service can be on your site (Melbourne Metro Area) on the day of your call.

In the first instance the shutter will be opened/closed as is required, then due to our manufacturing capability, in most cases, will be back on your site next day with the required materials to complete the repair to your damaged roller shutter or roller door.