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Remote Control Kit

Roller doors in Melbourne

This kit is used to convert a three phase power operated roller shutter to remote control.  The shutter is operated by both the hand transmitters and the logic control box.

The Photo Electric beam is installed as part of the remote control package.  This stops the shutter closing on any obstruction in the shutter opening (vehicles and persons).

Remote control shutters have been proven to save time on industrial sites where there may be heavy traffic through a particular shutter. This installation means that your shutter reacts to the push of a button on the hand held transmitter rather than physically going to the control station. 

Metro Roller Door Service remote control kit for industrial roller shutter comprising:

  1. Key operated Logic Control Station
  2. Photo Electric Eye and Reflector
  3. P.E.Beam housing
  4. Two remote control hand transmitters

Domestic Garage and Industrial Door Conversion

Metro Roller Door Service can also convert most domestic garage doors to power/remote operation.  We can offer prices to install domestic roller doors in either hand or motor operated configurations. 

Roller doors in Melbourne

This illustration shows a three phase industrial drive unit, a single phase industrial drive unit and a domestic single phase remote control drive unit complete with two hand transmitters and a wall mounted press button.  

Power/Remote Conversions

Converting a roller shutter or roller door to power operation saves time and eliminates the possibility of staff injury whilst opening and closing shutters via the hauling chain or by hand operation (domestic roller doors).

Metro Roller Door Service can convert existing power operated Industrial roller shutters to remote control via a logic system that allows activation from hand held transmitters. This conversion can also incorporate safety P.E. beams, ground loops and many other aspects of remote control shutters.

Power Conversion Kit

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Metro Roller Door Service power conversion kit comprising:

  1. 1 H.P. three phase drive unit
  2. Combination bracket
  3. Transmission chain
  4. Drive sprockets for drum and motor
  5. “METRO” control station with “UP/DOWN/STOP” push buttons
  6. Bearing and integral spacers

With this power conversion kit we can upgrade a chain operated industrial roller shutter to power operation. This upgrade removes the need for staff to spend valuable time opening your shutters via the chain. Metro Roller Door Service can convert most makes of industrial roller shutters to power operation alleviating the possibility of staff injury whilst using the hauling chain.

Call Metro Roller Door Service for a serviceman to attend your site and supply you with a quote to convert your roller shutters to power operation.