We offer industrial roller shutters and more in Melbourne

Whatever you're looking for in roller shutters we have it here at Metro Roller Door Service. Servicing throughout Melbourne metro and suburbs since 1988, we can tailor solutions to you at our manufacturing facility.


Our manufacturing base in Campbellfield has the capacity to produce galvanised slats in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 125mm profiles.  These being the four most popular profiles used in the curtains of industrial roller shutters.

This allows Metro Roller Door Service to get your door repaired in the shortest turnaround time possible allowing you to get back to work.

Slat profiles

Slat Profiles

Some of the slat profiles manufactured by Metro Roller Door Service. Shown above are both “perforated and slotted” slats in galvanised finish. These slats can be powder coated to your requirements.

Slat profiles in roller shutters in Melbourne

Powder coated, perforated and slotted slats are ideal for carparks and worksites that require non mechanical airflow. These slats also enable sight through the curtain so you can determine whether the shutter needs to be opened for a goods delivery etc. 

On site rolling mills ensure that your repair slats and complete curtains including bottom rails and weather seals are manufactured in the shortest possible time to complete your repair or replacement.

Rolling mills for the manufacture of slats

Rolling Mills for the manufacture of slats

Metro Roller Door Service is a manufacturer of slats that make up the “Curtain” of a roller shutter. We roll the four most popular profiles, therefore enabling Metro to supply its servicemen with the spare parts to complete your repair in the shortest possible time.

Metro Roller Door Service also supplies this material to major manufacturers of industrial roller shutters in the form of single slats or complete curtains including bottom rails and weather seals. We can also supply slotted and perforated slats as required. Slats are predominantly galvanised, Metro can also supply powder coated slats as required.  

Rolling mills for the manufacture of slats

Galvanised raw material being fed into our slat rolling mills. Slat thickness is determined by the width of the curtain or length of the repair slat required. The three thicknesses that are used by the industry are 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0. Base material is galvanised and powder coating is applied over this galvanised base.

Steel fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Some steel fabrication work being undertaken at Metro Roller Door Service base in Campbellfield.

In most cases small welding and fabricating requirements are completed in house, therefore negating the need to wait for other suppliers to fulfil your needs.

This drastically reduces turnaround time on repairs and replacements.