Roller door suppliers in Melbourne

Since 1988, Metro Roller Door Service has forged a reputation for roller doors of the highest quality, great customer service, and industry-leading rates. Our industrial roller door suppliers and maintenance team are waiting for your call in Melbourne today.

Preventative Maintenance and Safety Check

Metro Roller Door Service has a well established maintenance department that offers annual maintenance for industrial roller shutters. The frequency of servicing is determined by the amount of cycles the roller shutter goes through in a single business day.

A (FREE) site visit is required in most cases to ascertain the current state of the roller shutters. After attendance, a proposal will be supplied which sets out the recommended amount of service attendances which are required on a regular basis whether it be monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Preventative maintenance keeps you up to date with the state of your roller shutters and also identifies any problems that may be an issue in the near future.  

Call our friendly staff now to help with any further questions you may have.

Regular Maintenance

Roller doors in Melbourne

To the left are illustrations of the consequences of not having regular maintenance performed on steel roller shutters. In this instance, the bearing has collapsed and the axle end has been running against the bracket.  This has worn through the axle virtually cutting the end off.

Fortunately, the shutter was in the closed position at the time and did not fall to the ground. If this had failed while in the open position the outcome could have been much worse, i.e. the shutter could have fallen to the ground. If by chance, there was a person standing below this shutter it could have been a cause of significant injury (or death).